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Film Festivals:
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Short Film
Greedy Owl Artistic Endeavours
A Serial Killer stalks and kidnaps his Neighbour; a young nurse dolled up for a night out.
The Killer takes the victim to a remote woodland area to bury the body, unaware she is still alive…
Split is a horror/thriller short film; presented in split screen. The left side of the frame follows the target while the right side of the frame simultaneously follows the killer.
Richard Anthony Dunford
Stephanie Hazel, Jamie Langlands, Tom Clear.
Horror Lust Film Festival (Online)
EdiPlay International Film Festival (France)
Prague Monthly IFF (Czech Republic)
Cotswold IFF (UK) - Best Horror Short Film
What Will They Think of Next Festival (USA) - Best Editing
Onyko Film Awards (Estonia)
High Tatras Film & Video Festival (Slovakia)
Tagore IFF (India)
Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey) - Best Crime/Thriller
Brussels Capital Film Festival (Belgium) 
Screener Short Films (UK)
Naples Film Awards (Italy)
Black Swan IFF (India) - Outstanding Short Film
Happenstance Horror Fest (USA) - Honorable Mention
Big Ben International Film Festival (UK) - Best Short
Sweden Film Awards (Sweden) - Finalist
The Dead of Night Film Festival (UK)
Krimson Horyzon IFF (India) - Attainment Award
Brooklyn International Cinefest  (USA)
South Coast Film Festival (UK) - Best 10 Minute Short
Dreamz Catcher IFF (India) - Attainment Award
Pattaya IFF (Thailand) - Outstanding Achievement Award
Kateye IFF (India) - Best Short Film
Florida Beach IFF (USA) - Best Horror Short Film
Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival (UK)
80 Screams International Film Festival (USA)
Lit Scares International Horror Festival (UK)
Reel Social Film Festival (UK) - Best Horror
HorrorHound Film Festival (USA)
Bizarrya Short Film Festival (Portugal)
Romford Horror Festival (UK)
Sand Dance IFF (India) - Best Short
Do it for Zero Film Festival (UK) - Semi Finalist
The Last Howl Film Festival (UK) - Honorable Mention

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